lab: bio Technology

1 Almech Flow Through Packed Bed Columns Apparatus Closed Circuit
  Extra:Fibre Glass Lining Charge (Frp) For The Above Inside M.S. Tanks.
2 Almech Flow Through Fluidized Bed Columns Apparatus Closed Circuit.
  Extra:Fibre Glass Lining Charge (Frp) For The Above Inside M.S. Tanks.
3 Almech Pan Evaporator
4 Almech Single Effect Evaporator
5 Almech Stefan-Boltzman Apparatus.
6 Almech Ball Mill.
7 Almech Roll Crusher.
8 Almech Cyclone Separator
9 Almech Air Elutriator
10 Almech Settling Tank 
11 Almech Vibrating Screen.
12 Almech Froth Flotation
13 Almech Sedimentation Apparatus
  S Edimentation Apparatus Consisting Of Sedimentation Cylinder Fitted With Wooden Scale
  Supply Tank With Electrical Mixer With Speed Control And Adjustable Stand.
  The Above Item Are Fixed On A Stand.
14 Almech Sedimentation Apparatus
   Variable Flow   Air Permeability Apparatus This Apparatus Comprises Permeability Cell 12.5 Mm 'U' Type Manometer Mounted On Wooden  Stand, Perforated Metal Discharge Plunger Rubber Stopper , Rubber Tube About 30 Cm Long With Rubber Bulb (But With Out Suction Dibutyphthalate Liquid)
15 Almech Settling Tank 
  Settling Tank Consisting Of M.S. Tank Of 600 Mm Dia Along With Over Flow Arrangement With Slow Moving Radial Rates Driven From Acentral Shaft By Electrical Motor Hp Through Gearbox And 'V' Belt
16 Almech Agitated Vessel/Mixer
  Top Mounted /Suspended  Fractional Ho e Power Motor  With Variable Speed Control Turbine Bladed Agitator 3-5 Lite  Pe pex Two Cylindrical Tanks With Baffles, Energy And Tachometer  
17 Almech Pulve ier 
18 Almech Hammer Mill